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Allen Icon
- 11-25-14 17:26 - 0 comments

Thats right... with all the work going on over at my photography website I have decided to let this site go.

The domain name can be purchased $29.99 >that would not include any data, software or hosting.

The Entire site can be purchased. $399.99 >that would include the domain, all databases already included in the operational site, and all the required licensed software*.
*the site operates on subscription software... a one year subscription will be included.

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To inquire, call Allen @ (615) 830-8754 or respond to this post!
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Texas to Colorado

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jp-trl5 Icon
- 08-04-14 11:29 - 0 comments

Howdy everyone!

We are looking at jeeping from Texas to Colorado and camping along the way. Does anyone have suggestions on places to camp and trails to hit as we navigate to Colorado? Any tips???
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Access Denied!

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Allen Icon
- 05-18-12 22:43 - 0 comments

Check out this video put together in hopes of bringing more info to the people!

We've had the wool pulled over our eyes, and most of you don't even know it yet!

The USFS Travel Management Plan has been used to CLOSE 50% the forest roads so far!!
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2011 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari

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Allen Icon
- 01-10-11 16:46 - 0 comments

It's that time again! The 49th annual Desert Safari and Raffle. March 4th, 5th and 6th in the Truckhaven Hills OHV this event is one of the best events for all four wheel drive owners. Trails from mild to wild will be explored in Truckhaven and The Badlands areas. I attend this event every couple years, and it gets larger every year! $52 will get you included in the runs, a ticket in the raffle, and a weekend of fun in the sun!

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Tragedy : Martinez Canyon - Closed December 9th, 2010

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Allen Icon
- 01-08-11 01:00 - 1 comments

Tragedy doesn't even begin to describe the loss. A one peaceful and serine trip through Martinez Canyon back to the cabins and the mine are no longer possible. Francisco Mendoza of Tucson BLM has finally gotten his wish and CLOSED that trail to the public so "It can be preserved for future Generations". So much for PUBLIC LANDS! Your next trip to visit the mine includes a 10 mile hike in the Arizona heat.

…..but what will you find when you get there?

Today, less than a few weeks after the closing of the trail to the public we receive a PLEA for help from none other than Francisco at the BLM asking us if we can help him find out who is STEALING the metal, generators, and other scrap materials from the canyon! But alas the canyon is off limits to law abiding citizens and now criminals will take over that whole area. The BLM's perfect plan to protect that area for future generations obviously didn't include protecting it now!

So what will be there when future generations go to visit? A closed sign and an empty canyon that's history will have been erased, and possibly forgotten. Destroyed by the very people who claimed to be saving it. A ten mile foot hike through the Arizona desert to view where the cabins once stood? A ten mile walk to see that vandals have destroyed a historic site here in Arizona?

Over the next few days I will be collecting photographs from past trips to Martinez and post them here in tribute to the memory of Martinez Canyon, Martinez Cabins, The Martinez Mine, and the Martinez Family that built it.

….after all, photographs and memories are all we have now.
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Rubicon Trail June 22-28 2010

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Allen Icon
- 05-17-10 21:33 - 0 comments

Edit: Canceled!

All plans to visit California have been boycotted!

below find the letter I sent to Governor Schwarzenegger


To the Honorable Governor Schwarzenegger

I am writing you today to inform you that my Jeep Website that had planned a trip of several families to your state to visit California has canceled its plans. We had planned a 10 day trip to visit the world famous Rubicon Trail in northern California. We are canceling our plans in the wake of your states many boycotts of my state, Arizona, and its stand against the onslaught of illegal immigration through the unsecured border to the south. It is a shame that you cannot convince your states many boycotting cities and companies that our law SB1070 is no different than your state law CA penal code 834, specifically 834b and 834c. We enacted this law specifically to give local enforcement officers real jurisdiction when they have detained suspected illegal aliens. Arizonans are now targets for armed intruders from the south and we Arizonans are done being shot, kidnapped, and terrorized. Our cars are not safe in the driveway. Our parks, deserts and ranches are now trashed makeshift campgrounds for running illegals.

Records show that not only have hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexican nationals crossed, but thousands of people of Middle Eastern origin have been caught and detained by ICE crossing into Arizona. People from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen have entered and been caught. Some of these people are known terrorists.

It is unfortunate that we cannot visit your state. I have been looking forward to this trip for a few years, and we had made reservations for hotels in Valencia, Riverton, and Lake Tahoe prior to this onslaught of boycotts. Our plans now are to go to Moab, UT instead.

Allen McMurtrie
Phoenix, AZ
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Political Contacts - Arizona

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Allen Icon
- 04-14-10 23:18 - 0 comments

01 Ann Kirkpatrick D Flagstaff
02 Trent Franks R Glendale
03 John B. Shadegg R Phoenix
04 Ed Pastor D Phoenix
05 Harry E. Mitchell D Tempe
06 Jeff Flake R Mesa
07 Raúl M. Grijalva D Tucson
08 Gabrielle Giffords D Tucson
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LOL! Activist Web Mail

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Allen Icon
- 03-17-10 01:22 - 0 comments

The guys at the BRC sent me an e-mail about these guys


@so called

They are one of those EXTREME groups that want that big CLOSED sign at the first tree in the forest!

On their website they have one of those liberal letter to the government pages and this is the default letter:


I'm writing to request that you restore the BLM wilderness inventory process established by Section 201 of the Federal Land Policy Management Act, and suspended by former Secretary Gail Norton. Your agency manages vast acres of our public lands, including marvelous sagebrush landscapes, intimate canyons, and sweeping tundra. There are many spectacular gems that merit consideration to become Wilderness Study Areas, and I'd like to see the BLM take stock of such areas.

Specifically, I ask that you please develop a wilderness guidance policy that enables the BLM to inventory and identify potential wilderness. Such areas should be protected in the interim until Congress has the ability to act on them. And finally, a mechanism should be provided for the BLM to deliver these inventories to Congress for review.

I am grateful for what you have already accomplished on behalf of our public lands, and I hope that you can add this to your growing list of achievements. Reestablishing BLM's wilderness inventory process will give some of the nation's most majestic areas a chance at wilderness designation, for the benefit of future generations.

Shame on them! To think that their actions could end your abillity to VISIT these natural places because they want to make it so you'll have to WALK there from the front gate of the forest! Imagine a 300,000 acre national forest and you have to walk it to see it!

So anyway! Here is the EDITED letter I sent from THEIR website!

To: Secretary Ken Salazar

I'm writing to request sincerly that you do not restore the BLM wilderness inventory process established by Section 201 of the Federal Land Policy Management Act suspended by former Secretary Gail Norton. Your agency manages vast acres of our public lands, including marvelous vacation destinations, historical trails, and many diverse sights that people travel to every weekend. There are many spectacular gems that should be left as is "open to the public", and I'd like to see the BLM support the efforts to keep it "as is".

Specifically, I ask that you please develop a wilderness policy that maintains the current BLM pollicy to protect and maintain open public land as such. Such areas should be left open to the public unless Congress acts to redesignate them as protected. And finally, funding should be provided for the BLM to properly maintain these diverse open public lands so that all can enjoy them.

I am grateful for what you have already undertaken on behalf of the public, and I hope that you can add protecting these lands from extremists who would like to close all lands and call them "Wilderness" to your growing list of achievements. Reestablishing uncontrolled wilderness designation will only hurt our country. Billions of dollars worth of US income is provided by family buisness supported by tourists, camping, OHV use, fishing, recreation, and similar functions all possible on BLM's land, and this right to use this land should be protected for future generations. Wilderness Protection was established to protect the MOST SPECIAL and WONDERFUL areas we have. Not just all open areas.

Allen McMurtrie

I'm hoping that some greenie will somehow discover this while reading the letters or logs!

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Moab 2010! Here we come!

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Allen Icon
- 03-06-10 23:22 - 0 comments

A friend from another website invited me to Moab June 22-29! I think I'm going to go! Since the Rubicon is out (boycotting California) we will probably make this the plan for those days that were set aside for the Rubicon, The Jeep is in great condition and I'm dying to get there! Camping is arrainged, days off are approved..... ready to go!
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TDS, Desert Safari

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LadyRed Icon
- 03-03-10 12:01 - 2 comments

Come on out to the Desert Safari this weekend March 5-7. Over 100k in raffle prizes and 100 or so vendors this year!! We'll be there hanging out with the Poison Spyder crew. Stop by and say hi!
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